Wednesday, October 28, 2009

B. Vittalacharya (Director)

Vittalacharya was knowned as 'Janapada Brahma' with his folklore movies. His first folklore film as director was 'Jaya Vijaya', the Kantha Rao starrer. Their combination became very successful.
The reason behind to grown up the career of Kaikala Satyanarayana as villain was Vittalacharya's films.
Vitalacharya changed the name of actress Alivelu Manga as Jayamalini, with the film 'Aadadani Adrushtam' and turned her career with film 'Jaganmohini'.
He was a kannadian. So, initially he didn't know Telugu. But he learned the language within a short period with dedication. He liked chandamama stories so much and made the films with those type of stories.
He was born on 20 Jan, 1920 in Udayavara, in then Udupi Taluk to middle class Madwa Brhamin couple.
He passed away on 28 May, 1999.

1. Rajya Lakshmi (1953)
2. Kanyadanam (1954)
3. Vaddante Pelli (1956)
4. Jaya Vijaya (1957)
5. Anna Chellelu (1958)
6. Pelli Meeda Pelli (1958)
7. Kanaka Durga Pooja Mahima 1960
8. Khadhi Kannayya (1961)
9. Varalakhmi Vratham (1961)
10. Madana Kama Raju Katha (1962)
11. Guruvunu Minchina Shishyudu (1963)
12. Bandipotu (1963)
13. Nava Graha Pooja Mahima (1963)
14. Aggi Pidugu (1964)
15. Mangamma Sapatham (1965)
16. Vijaya Simha (1965)
17. Jwala Dweepa Rahasyam (1965)
18. Aggi Barata (1966)
19. Iddaru Monagallu (1966)
20. Aggi Dora (1967)
21. Pidugu Ramudu (1967)
22. Chikkadu Dorakadu (1967)
23. Ninne Pelladuta (1968)
24. Kadaladu Vadaladu (1968)
25. Bhale Monagadu (1968)
26. Aggi Veerudu (1969)
27. Gandi Kota Rahasyam (1969)
28. Lakshmi Kataksham (1970)
29. Alibaba 40 Dongalu (1970)
30. Raja Kota Rahasyam (1971)
31. Beedala Patlu (1972)
32. Palletoori Chinnodu (1973)
33. Aadadani Adrushtam
34. Kotalo Paga (1975)
35. Jaganmohini (1978)
36. Gandharva Kanya (1979)
37. Madana Manjari (1980)
38. Nava Mohini (1984)
39. Mohini Sapatham (1986)
40. Veera Prathap (1987)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gudavalli Ramabrahmam (Director)

Gudavalli Ramabrahmam was born to Venkaiah and Bappamma on 24 June 1902 at Nandamuru, Krishna District. He finished intermediate at Bandar National College in 1918. He got married Saradamba, d/o Koganti Nagaiah in 1920.
Before entering into the film world, Ramabrahmam entered into the business field and established 'Friends & Co', a book stall at Vijayawada in 1926.
In 1932, he took the responsibilities of the magazine 'Praja Mithra', published from Madras. So many stalwarts like Tapi Dharma Rao, Samudrala Raghavacharya, Narla Venkateswara Rao and Tripuraneni Gopichand involved in the publishing of the magazine.
After sometime he worked as Managing Director of Motion Pictures Combines Studio.
He did as Production Executive of the films 'Seetha Kalyanam' (1934) and 'Krishna Leelalu' (1935), made by P.V. Dasu under the banner of Vel Pictures. He did 'Bala Yogini' (1937) as Associate Director.
Ramabrahmam turned producer and director with the film 'Mala Pilla' (1938). It was made under the banner of Sarathi Films and released in 12 centres. It was a revolutionary film on inter-caste marriages.
British Govt. banned his next film 'Raitu Bidda'. But he finished the film with so much courageousness and released it. It became super hit and brought best director award to Ramabrahmam. After that he made some meaningful films like 'Illalu', 'Apavadu', 'Patni', 'Pantulamma' and 'Mayalokam'.
He passed away on 1 Oct, 1946.

As Production Executive:
1. Seetha Kalyanam (1934)
2. Krishna Leelalu (1935)
As Associate Director:
1. Bala Yogini (1937)
As Director:
1. Mala Pilla (1938)
2. Raitu Bidda (1939)
3. Illalu (1940)
4. Apavadu (1941)
5. Patni (1942)
6. Pantulamma (1943)
7. Mayalokam (1945)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dasari Kotiratnam, The First Female Producer

Dasari Kotriratnam was born at Prathipadu, Guntur District. She entered on stage at the age of 9 years. She acted as Lohitasya in 'Harischandra', China Rangarao in 'Bobbili Yuddham', Kusha in 'Lava Kusha' and Prahlada in 'Prahlada'. She trained in classical music.
Kotiratnam established a theatre group and performed some stage plays five years continuously like 'Usha Parinayam', 'Sashirekha Parinayam', 'Kanakatara', 'Krishna Leela', 'Ramadasu' and 'Savitri'.
She did male roles such as Narada in the plays 'Sati Anasuya' and 'Gangavataranam', Satyavanta in 'Savitri' and Sri Krishna in 'Sakkubai'.
Her first role as film actress was Sakkubai in 'Sati Sakkubai', directed by Charu Chandra Rai. This was made by Bharatha Lakshmi Films from Kolkata. She produced the film 'Sati Anasuya' with the partnership of Aurora Film Corporation under the direction of Aheen Chowdhary. She she was the first female producer in India. She played the title role Anasuya. The film released on 4 Oct 1935.
Kotiratnam acted in the films 'Lanka Dahanam', 'Mohini Bhasmasura', 'Vara Vikrayam', 'Panduranga Vithal', 'Varudhini', 'Paduka Pattabhishekam', 'Gollabhama', 'Bangaru Bhoomi', 'Agni Pareeksha' and 'Chandravanka'.
Kotiratnam, who had given the service to theatre and cine fields nearly 45 years, died in Chilakaluripet on 21 Dec 1972.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Disco Santhi

Disco Santhi has been performed for most songs in less time. She danced for more than 700 songs in a span of just 13 years. In childhood days her sorrowful experiences were unimaginable.
Anandan, her father, was a well known lead actor in Tamil in those days. He gained the name as 'Viyayapuri Veeran Anandan', since then his folklore movie 'Vijayapuri Veeran' got success. He acted as hero in some Telugu movies also. 'Mugguru Veerulu' was one of those movies, which he acted along with Kantha Rao. Likewise he did the film 'Adavi Veerulu'.
Actually ancestors of Anandan were belongs to Chittoor. They were Telugu people. Santhis's grand father settled in Chennai. So they grew as Tamilians. They are seven children to their parents. Four girls and three boys. She is the third child. Theirs's a rich family. They had three foreign cars. But Anandan lost money as a film producer with two films. They sold the foreign cars for existence. Only Ambassador was left. Anandan planned to make his third film even in this critical situation. He thought to shoot the film in Mysore, as to utilise the subsidy from the Karnataka State Govt.
Oneday he went to Mysore along with his wife and their youngest daughter. He didn't noticed the calamity to come. The car, which they were travelling, got accident. Anandan and his wife injured seviourly. His spinal cord from neck bone got damaged. Also his wife's spinal cord and right leg got ruined. His daughter survived with small injuries.
Somebody joined them into a private hospital in Bangalore. In that hospital, Anandan spent one and half years, and his wife Lakshmi, two years. What the fortune was, the doctors in the hospital were his fans. With big hearts, they have done the surgeries to Anandan and his wife to free of cost. Anandan's fans in Bangalore were bear the other expenses. Santhi and her three sisters only stayed at their house in Chennai, that two years. No ralative has come to their house in the chaotic situation. Dhanika, an Ayah, who was living in their outhouse, look after them. There was no income as they were all children. So they took money instead of giving the silver and copper things in the house, and passed those days. Even they sold their mother's silk sarees after those things were over. They ate food once in three days time in sometimes. Then Santhi was in third standard. She was sent from the school because of not pay the fee.
After discharge from the hospital, Anandan acted in stage plays with wig which covered the bandage on head. He sent the money to his daughters from Bangalore. Lakshmi came back to house after two long years, but she took another two years to walk. Santhi was no desire on films in those days. At first her elder sister got the chance to act from the ace director K. Balachander as heroine. But she didn't utilize the opportunity as she was in love with a guy, who was working in telephone department and got married him. In that time Santhi's photographs published on the cover page of 'Gemini Cinema', a film magazine, which was picturised by the photographer Hareesh. A producer from Malayalam, father of the actor Riyaz Khan, saw the photograph and liked her. He take her as female lead opposite superstar Mohanlal in the the film 'Lal in America'. Unfortunately the movie was washed out after 35 days shoot. Then she done as a dancer in a club song for a Tamil film. Since then she has done 700 films as a dancer in a span of just 13 years. She got the name as 'Disco Santhi' with the disco songs. She did films in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayala, Hindi and Oriya. She did 80 films in Hindi while more than 200 films in Telugu. She became close to the audience by 'Rowdy Alludu' and 'Gharana Mogudu', the Chiranjeevi's films. The song 'Bangaru Kodipetta' in 'Gharana Mogudu' got craze till today.
Santhi and Srihari were worked together in 'Dadar Express', first time. Srihari was one of the five villains. Srihari proposed her, when she was in Rajahmundry for the shoot of '420', the Nagababu starrer. Her mother and his parents given green signal to theri marriage. But they got married after six years of Srihari's proposal. In meantime she did the marriage of her younger sister to actor Prakash Raj. And bought flats for her brothers. Then after she got married Srihari and put fullstop to dances. She given birth to two sons Sashank and Meghansh.
Santhi did as heroine roles also. She acted as a heroine along with Jayasudha in 'Vinta Kodallu'. She was the female lead in a bollywood movie 'Jehar'. She and Srihari established Akshara Foundation, named after their dead daughter, and started service to the society.