Friday, August 14, 2009

Asha Bhosle, The Evergreen Singer

Asha Bhosle, the wonderful singer, is entertaining the people with her sweet voice from the age of eight. In her career span of nearly seven decades, she sung more than twenty thousand songs in 14 languages. Her voice dominated her age.
In initial days, people compared her with Lata Mangeshkar, her elder sister. But with her own voice and style, she gained people's attention on her gradually.
Asha was born in a musical family on 8 September, 1935 at Gore in Maharashtra. Deenanath Mangeshkar, her father, was an expert in music. Asha entered in the film world with the Marathi film 'Chala Chala Maajhya' as a singer at the age of 10. Her first film in Bollywood was 'Chanariya'. She got the opportunity to sing a solo song in 'Raat Ki Rani'. Even after, she couldn't find the recognition because she was in the shadow of Lata. It took 30 years for people recognized her while she had sung so many songs like 'paan khayen sayya hamaari saavlee suratiya' (Teesri Kasam). She didn't adopted anybody and established her own voice.
In that time all music directors like Naushad, C. Ramachandra and Bheemchand Prakash were waited for Lata for songs and didn't try for another singer. So Asha couldn't get sufficient offers. At the same time her married life has disrupted. She took the responsibility of patronage of Hemanth, Varsha and Anand, her children.
Asha has just recognised as singer of vamp songs when the time of Lata, Geeta Dutt and Surayya were raging. She was confined to songs for caberet dances. O.P. Nayyar was the first music director who recognised the sweetness of her voice. So many songs were born by their combination.
Finally Asha stands equally to Lata in the 1960s. 'inamina dikadika dayidayi damanaka', which was composed by Ramachandra, gained so much popularity because of Asha's voice. After that the audiences were tingled to the song 'piya tu.. ab to aaja', sung by her. Asha's voice have obtained new beautiness with Nayyar's tunes.
R.D. Burman loved her than her songs. They both created so many beautiful songs from 'O mere sonare sonare sonare' to 'lekar hum deevana dil', together. Afterwards they got married. But Burman got downed after the entry of Bappilahiri.
Burman didn't withstand as Asha is singing to the tune of Bappi. He felt distressed deeply. He went far away from Asha. His death has given immense shock to Asha.
She showed honour on Satyam, the well-known Telugu music director. She sung the song 'idi mouna geetam' for the film 'Paalu-Neellu' without remuneration, which was composed by Satyam. In Telugu, she sung for the movies like 'Chinni Krishnudu', 'Ashwa Metham', 'Antham' and 'Pavitra Bandham'.